Arming a regiment

So being a history buff and reenactor I have developed an affinity for the 17th Light Dragoons and all of the antecedent regiments.

Sherman III- 17/21st Lancers North Africa

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Centurion Mk3 17/21st Lancers Hong Kong

Conqueror Mk2 17/21st Lancers, BAOR

Challenger 2, Queens Royal Lancers Op. Telic


Nice little ensemble of Regimental wagons through time…good work :+1::+1:

The Conqueror is most impressive.

Those look very nice! Now you just need a Valentine, Chieftain, and Challenger 1 to round out the collection.


@Stikpusher funny you say that…… I have a Chieftain build in process now, and a Challenger 1 in the planning stages.

Valentine will be looked at once I research the markings a bit more.

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Valentine builds aren’t too common, so I’ll really enjoy seeing one of those when you get around to it.