Armor books for sale

I have the following books for sale. Accept Paypal ,check or USPS MO. Shipping from 48329 is additional. U.S. only. I’ll be quoting Media rate plus insurance unless you request priority. Pm inquiries.

Title Author $$$

Germany’s Tiger Tanks DW to Tiger I Jentz/Doyle $30
Germany’s Tiger Tanks VK45.02 to Tiger II Jentz/Doyle $30
Achtung Panzer #6 Tiger $40
Duel in the Mist 2 Hassler et al $65
Duel in the Mist 3 Hassler et al $45
OKH Toy Factory Winnenger $45
Combat History of German Heavy AT Unit 653 Munch $20
Forgotten Archives 1 Neely SOLD
Forgotten Archives 2 Neely SOLD

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