Armor Category Selection?

Is there a way to pick and choose which categories (e.g. Painting & Weathering, Modern, Campaigns) you see? It looks like the only options are All and None.


The drop down menu above latest

Drop down menu for categories:

There are a two more alternatives at the bottom of the menu, use scroll bar to reach ‘Campaigns’ and ‘1:1 Tank Talk’

The menu for tags:

Lots of them, keep on scrolling …

Ah, I don’t think I was clear: I don’t want more categories to show up in my feed, I want less. Robin, in your first screen shot, I want to make the boxes next to some of those go red, or disappear altogether. As just one example, I don’t want to see any Campaign posts. How can I make that happen?


Aha! That was a different question :smiley:

I have not tried this, I found the suggestion in a Q&A forum where Discourse developers and forum “owners” give and get support.

  1. Enter the non-interesting category (AFV Figures picked as an example).
  2. Click the bell icon
  3. Select the option that suits you best. I think it would be Muted (the blue highlight), Normal is the default setting

Thank you Robin, that seems to have done it, bringing things close to where they were on the old site.