Armorama™ - Armor/AFV Scale Modeling

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I built Takom’s Typhoon, and that was a very nice kit. Is this that kit? Or did Zvedza make their own? The lack of seat belts/restraints makes me wonder, as Takom didn’t have them either.

As far as I know, it is Zvezda’s own kit.

I think I’ve seen a comparison review (Takom vs Zvezda) somewhere on the net.


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This is definitely a new kit, and has nothing to do with the Takom one.
Seatbelts are a challenge, since if you mold them on the seats many will complain and they typically don’t look the part anyways. And trying to mold them separately is also a challenge.
PE seatbelts are offered by Voyager and Micro Design, and Quinta has great looking ones in 3D printed decals.

The perfect RV when traveling in those pesky hot spots around the world in displays of “humanitarianism” that that military is fond of portraying. Nice-looking kit too.