Armorama just went live, so stand by for many new content topics

The new site platform just went live. That means all the content we have up is now being viewed and all the linked topics will be auto-generated as people visit each link. So that is why all the site content posts FYI.

Hope you enjoy the new platform. It’s still a work in progress and hopefully everything is working as planned. If you see something odd please report it here.

And of course if you want to contribute to the site, create and account and click that CREATE button!



Thanks Jim, the only think is that I keep getting ad block messages, while I don’t use an adblocker? Is there some way you can see what keeps getting me these messages? (using Chrome, no extensions active that could cause this)

I think that’s just a default HTML message so that if people have an adblock they are aware it’s there. The page delays in loading for other reasons so the text is showing up due to the delay. I will try to fix that at some point because it’s a bit annoying for sure.


Well, it keeps popping up…:

I think I found it… It was the anti banner setting in Kaspersky… Now my issue is how to whitelist Armorama…:expressionless:

Tried to create an account on Armorama denied me access

New page design looks really nice! Will one new password and log-on work across all of the new pages, or does each require a unique account?

Once again, well done and thank you Jim. New set up looks very good. What happens with everything armour related people have done up to this point in these forums ? does it have to get linked to the new site ? or do we just have to start new topics ?

Is it only that does it’s trick? Cause whitelisting that one is not enough?

What about the contents of the old forum?

You have too create an account for each site, but you can use the same username and password for them all.
Andy :slight_smile:

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Hi Badger,
Sorry the Facebook login was still in development mode. It’s live now though so it should work. Try again.


The old sites and forums are going to be archived and available via unique URLs. You can still reach the old site via for now. The forums are all shut down for new postings though at this time.


Hi Erwin,
My guess would be you need to whitelist our adserver so see if adding “” does the trick.


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Was not using FB. Was using my kitmaker id its ok i made another account for Armorama.


Thanks, Jim. I was wondering whether the almost 2.000 pictures of IDF vehicles I’ve uploaded there would be still accessible.


May we enjoy this platform as long as we did the previous one!

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Looking great. And the registration is pretty straight forward.

May I remind you to change the link when someone goes to the top left of the forums -> our sites -> armorama? It directs to the old site at the moment.

Thank you for your hard work. :+1: :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Done! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Don,
Okay. Lol… well the FB login was broken so that is fixed anyway.

People won’t technically need logins on the content sites UNLESS they plan to contribute content on them. So you can certainly setup an account there for that.


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