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Armorama will be turning 20 years old this December. And at just about this point of the year in 2006, KitMaker was first unveiled, so that makes most of our other sites 15 years old.

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And what an awesome ride and time it has been!
I can not look it up anymore, but I think I joined 2-3 years later. 2008 or 9 or so.
Has it really been that long???

Correction, march 24 2006… now I feel even older…

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Excellent ! keep up the good work and thank you for all the good information on Armorama.

Great job so far. It’s been a great site. Wow, 20 years. I joined in May of '02.

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Nice! I think I was one of the 1st members back in 2001. 20 years, wow~!

Yea, Gino Quintiliani, I was surprised that Jim didn’t mention you. :slight_smile:

Ah, brings back memories and emotions Vinnie Branigan and Jim Rae brought to this site. Some entertaining drama and some not so.
If I were to add to that list, other legacy contributors: Vodnik (Pawel), Robert Skipper, and Pascal taught me a lot of useful info and techniques. And that one member from France, who is like a plethora of reference photos. I forget his user name. Thank you all!

O, and I am really excited about the 3D printing site! That’s keeping up with the technology, and it should be informative. Thank you, Jim and staff.


It is too bad our original join date/user history is gone.



LOL! Yes, Frenchy! How did I forget his obvious name? Thanks Fred!

Yes, you among others belong to the inventory by now.

Member since 25-10-2002… I still have the original welcome mail :slight_smile:
I’ve been absent for a long time, but now I check in almost daily…

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I joined many years ago. My previous go to was Digital Dioramas (run by David Yarnell). Sadly that site did not enjoy the longevity of Armorama. The new look here was a shock but soon became my preference.
I’m glad it’s still around.