Cheers people!
I’m 3D artist and also hobby scale modeler. I love tanks modeling, and love history (ww2 period) and development of vehicles and technology.
This site is great place when searching for references so I decided to join.
Most of the time I model for games. But I just started with 3D printing, so if you ever need some custom part feel free to contact me.

For now, I have 2 short videos representing my latest 3d models, M24 Chaffee and T-18 (MS1)
you can see it here: Youtube - ArmorArtist
Note: I’m on the road to 100 subscribers, to be able to make custom youtube link, so if this is something that you find interesting hit subscribe :wink:

Welcome aboard. There is a few guys who are 3D printing on here.

Welcome aboard!
3D printing is an expanding area of our hobby and any expertise is well appreciated.