Armorcon 2023 approaches!

Hi All,

Armorcon 2023 is fast approaching on October 13 - 14, 2023. For more info on the show itself, go to: Northeast Military Modelers Association - ARMORCON Show . Last year things worked pretty well, so since it isn’t broken, we’re not going to try to fix it. For the most part, things worked, so we’re going to keep the same basic format. Also, we will continue with Category XVIII: Classic kits. This is defined as: any kit that is 25 years or older, must show proof with the instruction sheet. BUT, now the sky is the limit! Detail sets, accurizing parts, scratch-built corrections are all in play. I would suggest that any conversions that you undertake get put in the major conversion/ scratch-built category. If you have any questions, email me to discuss it.

In addition, I’d like to turn your attention to the Special Awards we have for this year:

American Heroes

Best 911 (Rescue)

Best Commonwealth Subject

Best Diorama

Best Figure

Best German

Best Junior

Best Ordnance

Best Russian/Soviet

Best Scratchbuilt/ Conversion

Best Sci-fi / Fictional

Best Sherman

Best Small Army

Best U.S.


Best Weathering

The Kitchen Sink Award (How much aftermarket can you humanly add to a model and it not turn into a black hole?)

Missing “E” Award

Silk Purse Award (formerly the “Rolls Royce” Award)

Show Theme

People’s Choice

Best in Show

Please make sure you check the boxes on your forms in order to be considered eligible for award(s). Some of these awards are donated by various people/businesses and groups, so take a moment to see if your model qualifies. Hey, you never know!

WE NEED JUDGES! For those of you who have attended the extravaganza, you’ll remember we have had 250+ models at this show. For the AMPS system, that requires 4 judges for every piece, that’s a lot of man-hours. If you are coming and you are competing, I would strongly suggest you consider a judging tour. They’re 60 minutes long and any assistance will help us out a lot and it doesn’t have to be judging; if you aren’t comfortable doing that. There are a bunch of other tasks that need doing including ACJ’s, runners, data entry and Ram-Rod. The judge’s meeting is at 9:00 am on Friday and 8:00 am on Saturday. Traditionally, a “thank you” for the judges has been first crack at the vendors. However, this will ONLY be done on FRIDAY morning. Ideally, I’d like to have manpower for 3 tables to start the show (2 ACJ’s, 3 Table captains, 9 judges and 2 runners). So please, if you are planning on coming to the show the night before, and staying at the hotel, I’d really appreciate it if you would come and lend a hand early on. As this worked so well in past years, I’m turning to the web to sign-ups for working the show: I have created a sign-up sheet for helping out at the show. Just follow this link: Sign Me Up and you will be good to go. You can sign up at your leisure and I’ll be able to print it out before the show, with the available slots left for the taking at the judge’s meeting on the respective days. If you are interested in judging figures or dioramas/vignettes (or possibly both?), please contact me and I’ll get you into contact with the appropriate specialty Assistant Chief Judge.
In the past, we have had people who brought a lot of models for competition and then did not help with the show. We’re going to take the risk and decided to make the limit of judged models 7. Further, I know some people are not vaccinated, for whatever the reason. Anyone who feels uncomfortable being in such close proximity to others, please feel free to wear a mask. To the other judges at the table, please respect your colleague’s choice and don’t make a big deal out of it. If you don’t feel qualified to judge (for whatever reason), there are plenty of administrative jobs to be done in running the show.

In addition to signing up for judging, you can now pre-register for the show at: Pre-Register for the Contest - Armor Modeling & Preservation Society . You still have to pay at the door, but all your forms will be filled out and it’ll all be legible. So I think that’s a win-win for everyone! The pre-registration will end at midnight Friday October 13, 2023 to catch any stragglers who haven’t made up their minds. Finally, we have Armorcon t-shirts (both regular and for crew members) available here: The Great Pumpkin Shop . I’m just doing 1 shirt design this year (which looks incredible, thanks to a friend of mine who’s an art teacher). In the past we’ve always lost serious money on the shirts, so if you want one, this is the only game in town. I have last year’s gear still on the store, but will be taking that down on 13 SEP 2023. So grab it now while it’s still around. I look forward to seeing everyone on the 13th and 14th of October and I look forward to working with you at Armorcon 2023. Watch this space for further announcements.
Georg Eyerman
Chief Judge Armorcon 2023


I’ll be there!