Armorcon 21, Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Crowne Plaza Danbury, 18 Old Ridgebury Road, Danbury, CT 06810

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Let’s hope we have some normalcy by then Matt


Hey Tony, good to see you here. Yeah, we better all have the vaccine by then and be able to hold this one. I guess since you moved down to Carolina we won’t be seeing you anymore…

No,unfortunately not,there is one scheduled for the Spartanburg SC area about 65 min from me in April,see what happens

Stay safe

Yeah, I need to show off a few new builds. I assume there will be a listing of the categories?

Hi Carl, yes there is a category list on our website under “Armorcon” then “Model Contest”.

Thanks (need the tank emoji from armorama)

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Yes I really like that show !

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Yes I really like that show .

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Defiantly going! I need to get to more model shows! :grin:

Ezra, you know it’s in Connecticut, right? That’s one hell of a road trip!

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Yeah, I’m going to be taking a road trip back to NY to visit some family around the same time so its only a small detour!

For you Carl!



So cool! Can’t wait to meet you!

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Like wise!

Is that a new permanent addition to the emojis?

It is. If you hard refresh (CTRL + F5 usually) your browser cache of the forum (any page) it should show up at the bottom of the emoji list. I can add more when I have time.


Thanks for the heads up, we should all be innoculated by then. Hmmm, what to build…

I hope to make it this year. 2019’s fell on a cousin’s wedding, 2020’s… well, you know. Not too far away from me either. Maybe I’ll bring the T-26 along for goofs,

Wont’ be close to done, but maybe I’ll have sprockets and hull completed by then.