ARMS Corps Models Leopard AS1 conversion set (for Meng 1A3/1A4 kit)

Over a decade ago, ARMS Corps Models was producing some of the finest detailed resin conversion sets for Australian vehicles - like their M1 Abrams and ASLAV sets. The business went into hibernation about 9 years ago and these conversion sets became highly sought out here in OZ. The good news for us is, they are back!

The old resin lines will not be revived, but they have moved into the world of 3D printing, and recently released their first new set:

Nicely packed in a sturdy box with several separate zip lock bags and bubble wrap to avoid damaging the parts.

Contents of one bag (Tool boxes, aerial mounts, spare wheels, etc:

Close up of the delicate work and almost flawless print quality:

And for those used to the usual poor, ‘a few thumbnail sized pics of the finished model’ type instructions provided in conversion kits from companies like Legend and Accurate Armour, nothing like that here. There is a .pdf file that has 13 A4 sized pages of build instructions showing the parts on the kit and the kit instruction section being referred to, plus 10 pages of closeup photos of the conversion kit added to the Meng model. I printed out mine and photographed it to show some pages here:

The instructions also call out preparations needed to the Meng kit before starting assembly:

Included in the parts is this jig. It is designed to assist the modeller accurately drill holes in the Meng kit, necessary for part fitment:

I should mention I know Jason, the owner, hence my being able to buy an early release from him. I have no connection to the business in any way, just a friendship with him. Even so, I will not do a review or rate the product. I have given my own take on what I see, shown you the quality of what is in the box and you can decide from there.

PS. A link to the Facebook page:


I have been following the development progress on FB and the struggle to get a good product. Very impressive set and work, I might try to get a set or wait to see if they release an Abrams conversion and get both.

Thanks for the presentation. :+1: :+1: :australia: :australia:


You are welcome Nikos.

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Do they have a conversion set for the Austrailian M1A1 Abrams?

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Thanks Peter. And here I was thinking, doing an AS1 as my first kit back was going to be quick and easy.


Where is it possible to purchase your brand ?

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The old Resin sets for the M1A1 are not going to be reproduced. Whether Jason will move to a 3D set is the big question.
(Hint, Hint Jason).

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Nice to see you back in the game Jason!


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The Face Book link above.

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Thanks mate. Lots more to come.

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Some of my old resin kits will be back on that market, abet slowly as I go along.
For instance, my old ASLQAV kits will be a mixture of resin and 3D printed.



Stupid software requires a complete sentence, as if a simple exclamation isn’t a valid sentence.


let me know when the Abrams set is ready?

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i Talked to Jason on facebook messsanger about it the Abrams set will be out in a few weeks