Artillery batteries in Vietnam

Period pics of the 6th Battalion 11th Brigade, Light Field Artillery batteries in Vietnam. Many useful views for diorama projects…



they operated near me for awhile. Usually with the 6/11th Infantry (a Regimental battery). The blond in the pictures is none other than Chris Noel (disc jockey on AFN). Everybody in I-Corp had some kind of a crush on her (me too). She often spoke with somebody in I-Corp, and started things out with a “Hi I-Corp” sign on. We all we sure she was saying to each of us! There were even pools floating around as to just who I-Corp was! Rumor had it that he was an Officer in the 101st, but others said he was a Marine Officer.

The 6/11th started out down near the II-Corp border, then moved north to just a few miles west of Tam Key. That’s where I came to know them. Somehow (at one time anyway) the 17th CAV was connected to them. I helped blow up one of their ACAV’s that was marked 6/11th. That was roughly twenty five miles due east of my base camp, and we didn’t go over there much. The 6/11th (and 17th CAV) moved out in August 68. The 17th went north, and the 6/11th went down south to where they were originally. They were replaced by the 1st of the1st Armored CAV. with elements from the 196th attached to them.

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