Artitec News 06/2022 | KitMaker Network

ARTITEC recently released a wide selection of models in 1/87 and 1/160.

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Lanz Zugmaschine

The Lanz Type LD tractor was produced between 1916 and 1917 as a military tractor during World War I. The Lanz proved to be an effective towing device for heavy artillery. From 1919, the models that survived the war were converted into agricultural tractors.

Latil H14 TL10 forestier

The forestry version TL10 can be recognized by the winch at the rear and the automatic lifting spade.

New figures

Sailors at sea

Sailors in harbor

There are new accessories in stock!

The four kits below in 1:87 are back in stock

Back in stock…


Electric luggage trolley in green and black

H0 Koninklijke Landmacht Leopard 1 ARV train load

H0 Tiger 1 train load (flat car sold separately)

H0 Cargo: Big bags

N 1:160 new and restocked

Hansa Lloyd Merkur Deutsche Reichsbahn

Dark brown living room interior

Combine MF 830

Not that I normally work in rail scale, but those are some interesting subjects. :wave:

Love that Lanz Type LD tractor. Be cool in 1/35. I wouldn’t mind a few of those Opel trucks on my layout.

At least one of these big Lanz tractors was captured and brought to the USA at the end of WW1.