AS-90 tracks

I was wondering if the AS-90 used the same tracks as the Leopard 1?

They are what I have used

Bronco do a set AS90 SPG Workable Track Link Set, Bronco AB3524 (2009)

The early Leopard 1 had Diehl D139E2 tracks.

The later ones had Diehl 640 A tracks. This is the type that resembles the AS 90 's.

Whilst supposedly the same track link type the Bronco set does not fit Takom’s Gepard’s sprocket.

How many links/side should i be using for the tracks?

Right side 86 with the track a bit tensioned.

For the other side 85.

But it also depends on how you assemble the suspension, so you might end up with one more or less