Assault Models closes for the last time

Direct result of sanctions and / or the ongoing war in Ukraine? If you want the figures, and know where to buy them, grab them quick before they’re gone. Not a good development at all.

Our company no longer exists.

Unfortunately, we faced difficulties in doing business in the current political situation.

Thank you for being with us.

Very concise message.

I really liked their modern figures, accuracy, gear generosity, scale choices, and I’ll miss them very much.

Hopefully, someone else can fill the void for making up-to-date modern U.S. SOF 1/16 figures as the few companies seem to be losing this topic more and more…and it’s not found in 3-D printing just yet that aren’t copies of original resin figure kits.

Yeah what a shame. I have a few modern US sets from them; they are great figures. I ordered them on eBay and they sent me an extra set of figures with a note attached saying I was their first eBay customer. I think it was a modern US Marine tanker set.

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Sorry to hear that :unamused:


Yes, there is a real gap in the market for large scale modern figures. US or otherwise. Airborne miniatures do great figures, at about the rate of one a year, and there is Legend’s, too. Plus, Grom Art, which are difficult to get hold of. Now, if Live Resin were to scale up their figure range, I’d be broke.

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