Atomic Canon

SprueBros. deal to the day I Love Kit for $165.

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Might seem expensive, but in my opinion, it’s a fair price given the costs of current kits and considering the physical size and scope of the Atomic Cannon kit.

I really have no interest in it and have a self imposed ceiling of $50 for a kit but thought others might be interested/tempted. Even if I wanted it I have no place to store/display such a large piece.

I would say that one kit is like three kits in one. The trucks are both different and the cannon. Jest saying. :sunglasses:

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Are there any online builds of it?

None of which I am aware. Others may have ore info.

That’s quite a good price; I got mine for £152 ($207) direct from China which I thought was quite good as it goes for a whopping £189 ($258) from most UK stockists.

To me, despite the storage/display problems, it’s an emblematic piece of hardware from the Cold War so I had to have it. It’ll go nicely alongside my Kondensator and FROG and Scud missiles - all needless to say, unbuilt!

Well then get crackin on it as I am anxious to see one built. :grinning:

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No pressure then!

Seriously, how long will the completed model be?

The real thing was 84 feet, divide by 35 to get 2.4 feet (a little under 2’ 5") or 74.3 cm for the metric crowd. Almost exactly the same length as the carriage for the Krupp K5 (Leopold, Anzio Annie) gun.
With the gun elevated for action the length over the carriage (over buffers) is 85 feet, with gun in travel config the barrel extends over the end making the total length 89 feet.

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@Uncle-Heavy Why am I not surprised that you would supply the info. Thanks.

Two and a half feet (73cm roughly), roughly 4" wide and as the box label assures me “1000+ parts” I have a cunning plan in that I have identified (and they may no longer be available) some plastic Christmas tree storage containers ie firm plastic with a lid, which might, just might give me the sufficient length and height I’ll need to transport this beast to shows - assuming it gets built (!)

Unfortunately, due to the wretched pandemic I can’t find out if these particular containers are still available; however, I’m sure I’ll find something suitable. At first glance I only intend to portray it in transport mode anyway; it will still be sufficiently impressive I’m sure - perhaps a secondary vehicle somewhere along the line, M38 Jeep say. We’ll see.

The Images of War book has given me some ideas.

And I want one of your cam nets deployed of course Brian !! :grin:

Damn! How did you know I’d envisaged a cam net??

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Saw the sale price today and was tempted, but the realization that I have no where to display it, and a moderate stash of 20+ kits made me rethink the impulse to buy it. Hope to see a build log of one of these soon though.

I asked Google :wink: :grin:

It figures that its on sale now. I paid $225 for mine and it arrived 2 weeks ago.
The kit looks great by the way. I also have the old Renwal/Revell kit. There is a world of difference in level of detail between the two. At $225, its fairly priced for what you get. At $165, its a good deal. I planned to do an in box review; but, the number of sprues to photograph is almost as daunting as trying to find display space for the completed kit…


Please take lots of photos for us so that those of us who bought the Renwal/Revell kit can have something to work from! I am tempted to buy the newer kit, but then what will I do with the huge box that is in the closet? At least I bought the repop and not one from a collector!

As one would hope given that they were created about 65 years apart.