Atsugi C-45F

Anybody have pics of the C-45Fs used at Atsugi? Have the photo of all white 51248. (in Iliad’s decal sheet) but I seem to remember seeing one with orange markings. Caracal has one from Iwakuni but that sheet is as rare as Muslim swineherds. Would like to do one with some color, if I can justify it. What time frame was the orange used , or for what reason? (Most photos I see do have orange or red , but not sure the dates. Also remember reading there was a switch from red to orange in the early 60s(?) Navy F-104s in 60/61 used orange visibility markings. )


Found this which matches what I recall.

From 15 August 1956 (BuAer letter Aer-AE-421/214), aircraft based in the continental United States were allowed to carry a special high-visibility scheme that was previously applied to aircraft operating in the Arctic. This consisted of a certain proportion of the rear surfaces of the aircraft (fuselage, wings, and stabilizers) being painted in International Orange FS 12197 , which is more of a red than an orange. Unlike the Arctic scheme, this was to be applied using a temporary paint which was to be removed in the event that the aircraft was relocated outside the continental US. These guidelines were rescinded on 16 February 1964 after which only aircraft employed in training, target control, and SAR duties (which previously used Fluorescent Red-Orange FS 28913 but which also switched to International Orange thereafter).