Attaching Metal To Metal

I have several projects where it is necessary to attach metal to metal. Super glue may seem to be the way to go, but it is not altogether permanent and I have heard of some other methods, but I’m not sure what they are or what really works. Anyone can answer this?

I’m not a expert on this so I can only recomend what I’ve seen, if the parts aren’t to small could you try soldering them together?

My first choice when attaching metal to metal is soldering.
Prerequisite here is that metals can be soldered(copper or brass).

Should that not be the case, then I go for two part epoxy glue- it has longer open time(up to 5 min.) so adjustment of parts is possible, it has also longer curing time(24 h) but it produces a joint, that is much stronger and flexibler than CA.Cleaning and sanding the parts before gluing is of paramount importance.

If I use CA, then I always clean up the parts in IPA( if the metals to be glued were annealed, then first I sand them with fine sandpaper till they shine), sand the contact surfaces with some rough sanding paper(increasing contact surface is the cry here), then upon appliyng CA and holding the parts together I also apply CA on the contact area sides.