Attic 1/48 Northrop GAM-67 Crossbow

HI !
Here a project I have done in the past , this is the ATTIC 1/48 GAM-67 CROSSBOW resin kit with some additions and modification !

If you like to view more pics I have set a GOOGLE page for it , just follow this lnk below:

Enjoy !
Photo 2693


Welcome and nice looking kit. Not seen one of those before… hope you enjoy the site.

Thank youuuuuuuuu !.. More to come when I get a chance !

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Really like that. I run a special interest group in IPMS (UK) called the Target Facilities SIG. We have a Facebook page here Redirecting... and also here is our official IPMS link Target Facilities – IPMS(UK)

We are displaying a small collection of models on the theme, at the UK Nationals at Telford in November this year.

This is just the type of model that fits well into the group theme. I must look out for that kit!

Thanks for sharing.

MMMMMMMMMMy pleasure , Cool I’m in QUEBEC and it,s hard for me to cross the pound these day !., interesting group sadly I’m not into social media but I’ll pay a visit to your website and if there a forum were I can place pics of my project , I surely will place some …If you are curious I have set-up a Google page for drones I have built so far in 1/48 scale, here the link:

Enjoy !

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I must apologise that I only just saw your reply! Your google page looks great. You clearly are into the drone scene, especially the target types.

With your permission, I would like to mention you on our Facebook page, and put a link to your google page, with your fantastic builds. It is a private group, and we currently only have around 8 members, but interest is slowly growing. I could also add you to our email list, as that is how I circulate things of interest to the rest of the group. Would you be happy with that?

Thanks again for posting such exquisite models!


No trouble at all, we all have our own thing to take care of , Sure , be my guess I do not mind at all !.. Here a pic of the latest one I have completed …

It an CANADAIR CL-36 in 1/48 …Design was done but never been produce …

If you are curious and like to view the 16 I have done so far , I have set up a GOOGLE page for them

Enjoy !