Attic find

Got a few days off work, so visited my parents today. Was looking in the attic for a few things and found these gems in a box.

The Runabouts box is a bit battered (why did AMT used the thinnest cardboard to package these things?) but the Vor’Cha is in a lot better condition.
Few surprises in the boxes too. Some LED’s and a magazine with an article on the cruiser.

And rattling around with the Runabout were O’Brien and Sisko! I think they were railway passengers before I repainted them.

Must go back for another look, because somewhere up there are a couple of Revell Starfury’s, a 2001 Moonbus and AMT’s Excelsior and Enterprise-B.


Such a cool find! Sisco and O’Brien look great for hiding out for so long…

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Thanks Dave. I think keeping them packed in another box definitely helped keep them clean!
I do remember now that I had intended to scratch build the interior of the Runabout and add LED’s. The figures were about as far as I got!

wish I could find stuff like that in the attic … very cool.

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You have to stuff things into the attic
before you can forget about them and
then find them again.


There’s all sorts of stuff up there. I need to spend another few hours round there to see what else I can find. Definitely want to find those B5 Starfury’s, that kits rare these days!

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