August 31, 1939

With my last two models, I have taken off on an invasion of Poland theme. This is much neglected subject area these days.

In this case, it is a 1/35th Panzer II B of the 4th Panzer Division on the evening of the attack. It is the DML kit with Alpine and Bravo 6 figures and various items. The tree is a dead bonsai with leaves from a die cutter.

The Panzers I and II were the bulk of the Nazi tank force at that time. This tank was later destroyed and I believe the crew killed.


Looking well!!! I find the mixture of the panzer beret and the schiffchen interesting. Did this really occur? I would also be nice if you would post the original pictures :slight_smile:

Yes, they were wearing both headgear during the period. The original pictures are on the base.


I agree this is a neglected area, particularly the Russian involvement. There is great scope for modelling the Polish campaign, plenty of interesting figures and vehicles now available.

I saw them, but they are not very clear. As for the headgear: I mean within the same crew…

The two beret helmets are setting on the tank. One on the turret and one on the hull front. Both the Alpine figures come with heads with the beret. I chose to do one each for visual variety. The sergeant has been out visiting commanders and such, so he was wearing the side cap during that.


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Just a tiny nitpick for historical correctness’ sake:
The settlement bore the name “Olesno” until ca. 1300; for the next 600 or so years, it was “Rosenberg”, until the Allies ceded that area of Germany to Poland in 1945 and the place was named Olesno again.
Hence, on august 31, 1939 it would have been “Rosenberg, Germany”.

You may be correct, but that was the name on a map showing the deployment of 4th panzer and Tenth army. It showed the pre war borders.

Thanks for the information.