AUSA 2023 Photos and News

Click on links for photo captions and descriptions from the Army USA 2023 Expo

I really like the SAIC 4x4 vehicle (last photo) with the RWS with four-shot 2.75" laser-guided rocket APKWS and 7.62mm machine gun for C-UAS. Shows how even a small FAV can mount an anti-armor, anti-personnel, anti-material, and anti-UAS system on such a small RWS platform complete with a little radar dome and FLIR/daytime TV.

Photos from BreakingDefense.


That is pretty cool

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BVS 10 Viking


We lost (well, not us, the Royal Marine detachment we had for a while) the older version of this for 6 days in Bosnia … they were very red faced lol

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The Dutch marines also use the S10, to replaced by a new vehicle (type to be determined) from 2025 onwards…

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