Austin K2/Y Ambulance | Armorama

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Scale: 1/35th


Some of the most important military vehicles of the Second World War didn’t feature huge main guns, neither were they bedecked with ever thicker armour plating, but are no less fascinating to study. One of the most crucial abilities on any battlefield is to be able to transport your wounded troops quickly and efficiently from the front line, to field medical stations some distance behind the fighting, where they could receive the medical attention they needed and potentially save their lives. Although clearly any vehicle could be used for this task, a dedicated ambulance would often allow the wounded to start receiving care straight away and if you were ever in need of one’s services, you would no doubt class these as the most important vehicles on the battlefield.

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This is great news, I have always liked these vehicles. I well remember building the old 1.72 scale kit as a kid.

If the price is similar to their Cromwell I will get a few. ‘Ice Cold InAlex’ anyone?

Regards jason

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Jason that’s just what I was thinking John Mills & Sylvia Sims in Ice Cold in Alex

I suspect price and availability will be good compared to other brands. I leafed through the Airfix catalogue for 2021 in Tesco this afternoon and this kit is in there, they make a feature of it as a new issue. I note that Airfix’s 1/35 armour range has suddenly become quite large, so they obviously aren’t making the dies themselves. I know some of the Tigers etc are Academy, so any ideas whose the K2 is?
I will probably buy this kit, as I also have a soft spot for the vehicle and the film. Incidentally I have the book and interestingly the romance is not between the nurse and the Captain, but between her and the Warrant officer, thus bringing an age and class difference frisson to the relationship. This was obviously too much for the British fim industry to cope with!

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As far as I know its an Airfix new tool kit.
Andy :slight_smile:

Great Film, I remember the Lager Ads for Carslberg using the clip from the end of the movie, John Mills at his finest.

I agree, it’s about time there was an affordable Katy on the market.

it’s taken airfix decades and a few financial collapses to realise 1/35 is the scale for armour no matter how much they’ve resisted it.

This is now on my wishlist, my grandad drove 1 during the war

Yeppers! This could find a way into the 'the stash I won’t live long enough to build", stash. :joy: