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The Bodi released a new 1/35 scale figure.

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Is that you John Wayne?

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Not sure what this is trying to be. There are plenty of references available for how the Diggers from Tobruk looked. The Australian War Memorial has a great selection such as:

This one appears to be an amalgam of Crocodile Dundee, Indiana Jones and I’m not sure what. The bash of the Hat Khaki Fur Felt (aka Slouch Hat) is incorrect. It is however correct for a modern Akubra.
Leather jacket with a zip: No
Blue shirt, no breast pockets: No
Slouch hat in front line: Not impossible but most contemporary photos of Aussies in frontline positions in Tobruk show the helmet to be most common headwear. Lesson learned by Aussie troops once they got to the Western Front in WW1.
I do like the animation and, yes, there are contemporary photos of Aussies having access to the Thompson SMG.


Yeah nah…nice figure but but but…too many but

It really looks like a character from some old movie :clapper: