Author's name not visible in the "latest" section

Is there any way that we can see the authors username along with the thread title? It’s hard to keep track of friends when you can;t see their names.

Gaz, if you hover your cursor over the first avatar to the right of the title in the “Latest” list, this is the author (called the original poster) for the thread.

Cheers, D

EDIT - I just noticed also, if that avatar has a bright blue ring around it, they are both the original poster and most recent poster.

Thanks Damian. That is helpful, but those teeny weeny icons aren’t big enough to be easily recognizable.

Like your ute pictured above… I can barely make it out. Whereas I see your name quite easily.

This UI isn’t very friendly.

If I hover the mouse pointer above the avatar with the sunglasses and the smiling face this text pops up:
GazzaS - Original Poster, Most Recent Poster.
If I click the avatar I get this:

The blue Message button is for sending private messages
The buttons along the lower edge of the pop-up dialogue are also clickable