Automotive Paint Query

I have just acquired a 1970s kit (from Protar) of the Fiat 1500 Racer (circa. 1927).
The specified paint colour is ‘Fiat 115 - Rosso’. Since this no longer exists as an
automotive paint, I am looking for a close match in the model aerosol range. Can
anyone suggest an equivalent (perhaps from Tamiya)? I don’t own an airbrush, and
brush-painting will not give the smooth finish required.

Many thanks,


Maybe TS-8 Italian Red?
Tamiya Spray 100ml TS-8 Italian Red | TAM85008 | Tamiya (

Andy :slight_smile:


Thanks for that … certainly worth checking out.


Hmmm…Fiat is Italian…and the car is red…could it be?