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Reaching out to the collective big brains and long memories of the people on this collective. I would like to hunt down a proper kit for the AVLB that is still in service with the US Army today. I want to say the ones that I have worked on are based off of the M60 chassis, but I have only been able to find the M48 chassis kit. Is there a M60 kit?

Do you look after the Dragon kits?

As, Quartercav, posted above, this is the only IM plastic kit in 1/35 right now. I just searched and they are currently rare and therefore overpriced. If you need to build it soon then you may need to buy the M48 version and a good M60 kit. There are a few M60 experts here that can guide you to the best M60 kit to use.

Does it have to be an M60 chassis? AVLBs were built using hulls from several different M48 and M60 series tanks, all were designated as M60 AVLBs. Many units have a mix of hulls, all the important bits are interchangeable.

I’d sorta hang loose because I suspect TAKOM my just do one on the M48 hull.

The M60 AVLB is still in use, but quickly being replaced by an Abrams version, the Joint Assault Bridge, which there is no kit of.

I used the Dragon M48 AVLB and converted it to an M60 AVLB before Dragon came out with theirs. You can follow along with the build below:


So, I could settle for the M48 AVLB but i am trying to build everything that I have worked on during my time in the army and it will work but I would also know that it is not the right vehicle.

I remember watching this build. @HeavyArty, built the bridge parts from the Dragon M48 AVLB kit onto a Takom M60 hull.

Just did a quick search around and found Takom kits available from $45 and up. Tamiya M60 kits starting from $20 and up. Both are listed prices before shipping

it’s an idea and one I might have to pursue ill hit up @HeavyArty to get further guidance. My only reservation is I don’t think I am good enough to take on a scratch building project of this caliber I’m kind of an out of box builder.

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Hi use a Takom M48H hull and the Dragon AVLB bridge parts to build a M60 AVLB,then you can build a M48A5 or IDF Magach using the left over Takom Turret and Dragon Hull

Good tips here on the dragon M60 AVLB

Right, exactly what I did and described above.