Avon IPMS Annual Show – 7 Aug 22

Chaps, well the Brit ones anyway: the above show is at Thornbury Leisure Centre BS35 3JB, (roughly 10 miles N of Bristol) opening at 0930hrs this coming Sunday. It’s a combined show with the wargaming fraternity which seems to make sense due to the cross-over of products and in the past has been extremely successful.

I shall be there though sadly with very little that is new; I really do need to have a word with myself. If anyone wants to chastise me for an abysmal build rate then look me up within the auspices of Stonehenge Modellers.

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Why the sodding hell does the system not reflect what I’ve typed - ie the title in full capitals? Bloody infuriating.

Thanks Michael - apologies for my churlishness!

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Good luck at the show Brian. Sadly I can’t be there this year due to a number of conflicting family arrangements, plus an operation to fix my right leg!

Will catch up soon I’m sure.


Roger that - it is a bloody good show normally.

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