Awakening of an old ghost: P-47D 44-19718 "Pengie IV" color (definitive?)

Back after several months, I started a 1/48D P-47D “Bubbletop” and I would like to build it in the M. Gladych’s color scheme.
I read numerous things on the web or in some books about the color of this particular aircraft (SN44-19718):

  • 2 gray colors over clear blue or sky blue
  • midnight blue with NMF or neutral gray underside. Some sources stated this color scheme because it would seems that B. M. Gladych wanted his mount was painted in a “costume” color… Why not !?
    It seems that the last version is an overall green color (OD or RAF DG ?) over NMF. But I’m wondering about this scheme… Why the letter code is in red color ? Usually, red color was applied later on the P-47Ms (painted in the very dark blue color)… M. Gladych was it the first to apply a red code on a P-47?
    Other point: the nose art “Pengie IV” is not visible/present on the photos but some sources stated that it was applied later… Is there a photo of P-47D 44-19718 with the nose art applied/painted ?

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According to Nigel Julian, it was solid British Dark Green over Med. Sea Grey.

A thread with some pictures of the real one.

My 1/48 Hasegawa P-47D build

Brian Riedel

Hi Brian,
Thank you for the links. I knew the second one (your model, and, an excellent work on it) and the first link you posted it’s me :-). I’m le_steph40/Steph on WW2aircraft forum but I had a terrible a doubt regarding dark green color and red code letter…
Here is P-47D 44-19770 from the same period and the same unit, but letter code in white, so, probably a dark green color 44-19770
I’ve 2 books written by N. Julian, both about 56th FG, but I didn’t succed to find any details regarding the color of “Pengie IV”.
I would like to know regarding nose art applied or not, or later…

When I posted pics of my model on Hyperscale, he replied that my model was pretty close to the colors of the real thing. When it comes to all things 56th fg, I believe he knows what he’s talking about. He knows a lot of the pilots and and their families.

Brian Riedel

This picture convinced me the letters were red. And the fuselage was a single dark color over a lighter color.

Brian Riedel

I also believe that he knows what he is talking about, I know his work and his knowledge on the subject. But I wonder why a letter code in red on a dark green aircraft whereas it seems that the red codes only appear from the P-47Ms. But maybe I ask myself too much questions.
I wanted to contact him for these points:

  • bottom color: logically NMF but MSG is a very likely option in view of the photos.
  • Nose art or not (or later ?).

W. Lanowski on M. Gladych’s mount 44-19718

Hey, it’s the 56th fg. Questioning their color choices will drive you batty. Who else would paint their planes in black ( or plum if you like) or two shades of blue?

Brian Riedel

If I had it handy, I’d look up the page number of the plane being discussed in this book. Zemke’s Wolfpack: A Photographic Odyssey of the 56th Fighter Group During the Second World War. The caption might help.

Brian Riedel

Found it ! Page 40 => “dark green over grey as were many aircraft in the group at that time”
Thanks to a friend for his help :slightly_smiling_face:

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