Axis "Redlegs."

I have both of those kits waiting their turn. Thanks for the tip on the Acrylic glue, have some inbound.

When I went down this path of artillery I told myself I’d only do towed field guns and anti-tank guns ,no AAA…HAH! That didn’t last.

I’ve also always had a fascination with recon troops and vehicles and I told my self " later,another day"…that day is inbound as we “speak.”

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Hi, I’m also a fan of artillery kits (artillery only) and I have a real obsession with the super detail. I also have this kit (K81/2) or all that is needed to create this kit. I have only one suggestion which I will express to you in an absolutely friendly way, that is to try to replace the plastic barrel with a metal one, because fortunately it exists and I believe it is produced by Aber, I own it but I don’t know if I have kept the case for references exact.
For the rest, great achievement!

I use old stip of can…l.