AZ Sky Ferret (OOB)

There’s a lot to love about building model airplanes; the research, the importance of the real machine, finding a cool cammo scheme or personal markings that catch your eye… all of these and the desire to recreate a piece of history is what draws a lot of us into the hobby. For me, it’s always wanting to have a “toy” (or replica) of something I find cool. However, in a lot of ways, modelling aircraft isn’t always a place to express one’s self. There’s not a lot of leeway for imagination, and rivet-counters can quickly turn a slightly-off model into a less-than-enjoyable target of opportunity.

However, like in all things, there’s an out. That is where “What-Iffing” comes in. In the past decade, the number of “Whif” kits that have been made available as styrene kits is impressive. Once the domain of scratchbuilders and resin-casters, a lot of companies have embraced the “Whif” side of things. Maybe the most prominent and prolific of these makers are the Czech companies of AZ, RS and Brengun.

I was feeling a bit of cabin fever, and thought I’d dig out a cool “Whif of a whif” kit today. To that end, check out the MB.6 “Sky Ferret”, a theoretical two-seater heavy fighter based on the non-produced MB.5! How many layers of alternative reality can you handle?

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