Azur Bréguet 693 - Mud Movin' the French way!

I’m finally out of parts: everything is glued in place now :slight_smile: ! Still a bit of detail painting and weathering to do but if feels like a major milestone anyway!

Those windows… I have a friend who makes the most beautiful, optically clear, glass panes from Micro Klear. Mine end up cloudy, foggy and uneven… I’ll leave them as they are due to a lack of other workable ideas and make myself a mental note to solve these kinds of problems before the model is finished next time around…




Well done on this rare seen kit, Magnus! :+1: Another little gem for your collection. And don’t worry too much about those windows. No model kit is perfect. And we builders are always our biggest critics because we see our own models with different eyes than others do.

I have once accidently pushed a window of my Ventura inside the fuselage after everything was closed. No chance to get it out again. So I had to make a new one from clear Evergreen Profiles. I still know it and see it. And the Ventura was on several model shows already.

And good luck with your new 109! I’ll follow with interest for sure.

Torsten :beer:

Did the tail wheel get painted or is it just an effect in the photo?

@BlackWidow I’ll look the other way and accept them as they are. Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile: !

@TopSmith Still not finished with detail painting, I’ll give it a lick of a suitable “tire black” before calling this a day :slight_smile: