B-29 “Doc”

Well, my amazing wife gave me the heads up that the B-29 “Doc” would be visiting Lehigh Valley Int’l Airport today and tomorrow and that I should go see it. Actually, she said I should go get a ride, but I preferred seeing it from the ground (yes she’s a keeper lol). And this was Doc’s second visit to LVIA in two weeks. Neither of which I was aware of (it’s been a brutally busy several months for me). Anyway, a little internet sleuthing to find a good spotting location and off I went, since I’m only 45 minutes from it. The two spotting locations ironically were cemeteries, one on each end, so I was able to get some nice departure and arrival shots. I have a 12x Zoom digital cam, nothing like a nice 600 zoom but I think I got some great photos, presented here for you all. Enjoy!



Nice photos! Thanks for sharing!

Very cool.

Whew! That’s a lot of polishing. I was able to tour the “Enola Gay” once and it surprised me how much shorter the plane’s fuselage is compared to what I’d imagined from photos.

Cajun :crocodile: