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B & L Models announces the imminent release of an M123 semi in 1/35th scale.

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Is there a connection between B&L and HobbylLink,? They seem to be building similar subjects and are both located in Vietnam. Just curious so I don’t buy same product from different sellers. Wayne

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Agreed, and I built the HL truck (the desert camo truck on the HL site page) two years ago. The printed parts layout seem very similar to the HL effort. Except a hard-top for the cab, where I believe HL uses a soft top part.

There is no connection between B&L and Hobbylink. Separate individuals doing separate things, some subjects of which they just happen to be doing the same. They are in Vietnam, so it makes sense that Vietnam War subjects would be of interest to them.

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Thank you my friend,

We are B&L models independent with HL brand.

And more than that, we focus on the quality of products and not follow the numbers, we always want you - the scale model lover have good experiences on every products we release


Pretty sure that trailer is too small for this tractor, it would typically haul an updated version of the M26 Dragon Wagon trailer, the 40-ton M15 trailer and the smaller lowboy trialer seen in the link below (cant recall the nomenclature)



M123 + M172 in Vietnam

M123 towing a fuel trailer (so to speak :wink: )

Another low bed trailer, the 60-ton M162

M162 in Vietnam


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Those are the trailers I was thinking about. Great shots

This is the type of subjects I like to display, what a scene!

I was on the fence about both the fuel tanker and the M123 . . . gotta have 'em now!

Cajun :crocodile:

Hobby Link also offers the M172A1 trailer.