B-Type Lorry

I know the Model T vehicles from the USA were black cars which had wooden bodies and camouflage colors added on arrival in Europe. But I wonder about the B-type Lorry. How were they made up, and what colors were they? The box art shows light green and the instruction sheet says khaki.

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Are you referring to the Series B Liberty Truck from ICM?

Unfortunately I followed the boxart and went green with mine but it really should be much more a khaki/brown.


those tires/ wheels must have produced a teeth-rattling ride even in the mud

Heavy duty lorries of the day had solid tires. The pneumatics of the day were just not up to the task.

Still better than their predecessors; the horse and wagon, what with the iron/steel rim on a wooden wheel and no suspension whatsoever.

And that is why they called them “Buck Boards.”