Babylon 5, Seaview, and aircraft for sale - US Only

Hi folks,
Found a few more kits from the stash to sell. Buyer pays shipping from 35634. I use USPS for shipping. Prefer Paypal. Thanks for looking.
John McDaniel

Babylon 5 Space Station, Revell Monogram, kit 85-3622, box open, parts and decals still in bags, $60

Seaview Submarine, Moebius, 1/350, kit 808, kit still in shrink wrap, $25

SBD, Revell, 1/48, kit 85-5249. Marks Models Pearl Harbor Defenders and Accurate Miniatures Slow But Deadly Part 1 decals included, $15

Vega PV-1 Ventura, Academy, 1/72, kit 1677, box open, parts in bags, $10.

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