Back in 2005, I stumbled upon a box with quite attractive artwork

Back in 2005, I stumbled upon a box with quite attractive artwork on it at Mission Models store. Back then the manufacturer was completely unknown to me, but prospect of building a model of first soviet MBT overcame all doubts. I should have trusted the gut…
After opening the box sealed with tough film, harsh reality came to be. Most of plastic sprues were covered with machine oil, details were chunky and barely resembled the real ones, though road wheels and sprockets were quite alright. And if that wasn’t cruel enough, on the bottom of that hell pit there laid a pair of unearthly looking shapes made of black greasy rubber, which turned out to be the tracks. After coming to scale modeling age with mostly DML kits, I thought this could really test my modeling skills and gave it a try, but abandoned the project once Skif’s version of T-64B turret had been assembled.

Nova days, there is plenty of aftermarket to build a decent replica of either T-64B or A. After gathering all the necessary AM goodies, I hope I can tackle this one now. So here is what I have:
T-64B Profipack with Eduard PE included. Miniarm T-64B turret with anti-radiation applique, Modelpoint R-123(173) antenna w/ base, 2A46M smooth bore 125mm barrel w/o thermal jacket, Soviet AFV stowage set

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Pretty boxes can be deceiving …
That Skif kit is lurking in my stash as well …

Ha! I was looking in my stash for a relatively quick build and opened an old Marquette T-60 soviet tank. ( I know…Miniart has a plethora of T-60’s probably worlds nicer to build)
Speak about chunky moldings and soft detail! Not sure when or why I bought this kit but I did so I’m forcing myself to complete it. So much for a quick build.
Maybe we should have a crappy old eastern European kit campaign?


A Masochist campaign :grin: :rofl:

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There you go! Sort of a punishment for having bought the kits in the first place.


Well, I must just stick up for Skif; I am a fan of their T-64s not least as they were first off the blocks to make one. Whilst it may not hold up to Trumpeter’s more recent offering (the only other game in town) with a bit of TLC I feel a Skif T-64 can be made into something half-decent (which is what I tried to do with my “T-64B from 3 Shock Army - Skif Kit” lurking somehwere in the Cold War section).

Admittedly I used Trumpeter replacement tracks and a gun barrel from Accurate Armour and I enjoyed the build; I am aware that the turret contours might be a bit off and some details a bit soft - fixed with an Eduard etch set - but I would quite happily build another one.

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“Do not judge a book by its cover” - or a model by its box. Been there, done that, have the mental scarring to prove it.

Good luck on the new attempt.