Back in black - '71 Plymouth GTX

Hi Guy’s

I have been absent, for quit a while, but now I’m back. Life gave me a few punches, nothing serious, but time and energy consuming. First my daughter and her boyfriend split up and my daughter moved back in her old room, which have been my hobby room, since she moved out, a few years ago. Fortunately they talked things through and moved back together(good thing, for we like the young man). Well I got my hobby room back and was ready, for modeling again. Didn’t get much work done though, before I had an accident. I was riding, my bicycle, home, from work and everything was fine, until a kid ran out into the street, after his football, right out in front of me, only had eyes for his football. I had no chance of avoiding him and drove right smack into the boy; we both fell to the ground, he escaped without a scratch, I broke my arm in two places and had to undergo surgery. Now I have a nice titanium plate and 11 screws in my arm. The rehabilitation have gone well, so far. I’m not quite where I want to be and my wrist will never be as good, as it was, but I’m still working on it. I can build models now and have been able to start my martial arts training again, so things are looking fairly good.
I have plenty of shelf queens, I could finish, but I felt like restarting my modeling, with a fresh kit.
Choice fell on Revell’s 1971 Plymouth GTX, from the FAF movies. Haven’t seen the movie, but the car looks awesome, so I bought it.
Engine is more or less done, painted in rattle can Tamiya(orange), various acrylics metallics and Tamiya panel liner. Wiring done with cheap electronic wires. Undercarriage painted in a mix of rattle can and acrylics; bottom lightly dry brushed with gun metal; the muffler and exhaust shaded with a touch of oil paint.

Will be back soon, with some body work :grinning:


Good to see you back Jesper- I was wondering where you have been . Glad you are ok .

Glad your on the mend ad welcome back. Definitely you’ve earned the privilege of starting a new kit.

The engine, exhaust, suspension and brakes are looking great!

Dang, glad to hear it’s moving in the right direction again for you.

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Great to see you back Jesper, but really sorry to hear about the journey to get back here. I’m so glad you are on the mend, perhaps a new avatar is in order after your rebuild :sunglasses:

Great start on the GTX, very neat work mate!

Cheers, D

Glad you’re back in the saddle Jesper, just remember to declare your metallurgy before going through airport security checks. My wife had some tit in her wrist er I mean titanium (until it was removed) which led to interesting scenes because we both forgot she was part robot. Sub-machine guns at Singapore for example. For eight years in the 80’s cycling to & for from West London into the city I only had two accidents, the first I was doored right outside Harrods (no damage), the second I was off my face and fell 3 metres bike landing on top of me– split head, broken ribs, but I didn’t feel a thing until the next day. No laaaaaaasting FX tho……gggh. The GTX looks great, will be following closely :+1:

It is good to be back. I have worked on the body (of the GTX, that is) and will have an update soon.

With all this metal, in my arm, I had hoped, that, when I, once again, started with my martial arts training, It could, clearly, be heard, when I blocked a kick or punch, from my students, but the expected metal “PING” was no where to be heard.


A bit like when Obi-Wan kicked General Grievous in the shin you mean?

Great to have you back Jesper, hopefully full recovery, looking forward to progress updates!

Cheers, D

Interior is done. Initially I painted the classic wood paneling, but it didn’t really fit with the overall look, of the car, so I decided the paint the “wood” paneling polished alu in stead.

Body is painted in Tamiya gloss black lacquer. There are a few grains, of dust, but I don’t think I will polish it out, in fear of creating to many swirls. A black car looks great, but black paint is not very forgiving. There are a few fingerprint smears, but nothing a little wax wont fix.


Beautiful paint job Jesper, and really neat work on the interior! I feel your pain around the black paint, going through the same agony with my '57 Corvette right now :tired_face:

Cheers, D

Absolutely, that paint job looks perfect!


I’ve brought out the old sheet, of BMF and started working on the chrome details.