Backdating a K1A1 Korean Tank into a K1 1/35

Hello everybody.
I want to convert-backdate an Academy K1A1 to a K1, in 1/35.
Can anyone please tell me what I have to change except the main gun?
Thank you in advance for your help and reply.

Maybe this would be a better starting point:

Trumpeter 00343
The K1 was also known as Type 88.
This kit is one of Trumpeters earlier efforts so it could be a bit toylike and require some work.
Images of sprues and instructions are available here:

From memory the Trumpeter K1 was pretty bad, with the K1-specific parts either inaccurate (the mantlet) or badly-fitting. The Academy kit might be a better starting point after all.

To convert a K1A1 to a K1 you’ll need to: Replace the mantlet and the gun (Panda’s M1 Abrams parts might work here); replace the commander’s panoramic sight; fill the dimples in the forward side skirts; and probably a couple of other things.

Oh - and buy this book:

Thank you very much for the replies.
Unfortunately the Trumpeter kit is horrible!!!
I have started it and there are a lot of mistakes…
Let’s see if someone else already did the backdating and can give us additional info.