Backdating M48a5

Hey guys. I received a Takom M48a5 by mistake. Before I send it back, I thought if it’s easy enough I’ll backdate it to an a3. Obviously the track, barrel, and cupola have to go, but I will defer to the masters here for any details of which I may not be aware. Thanks

What variant are you trying to backdate to? An A3 Mod B, like the other Takom kit?

You can go to eBay and go to this vendor “beaddreamsllc” and just pick the specific sprues you need. Then resell the A5 variant sprues to recoup the money.

beaddreamsllc | eBay Stores

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Send it back, spare yourself the trouble if you can get a Takom mod B. And if you decide to do an A5 instead, the A3 mod B has all the A5 sprues included.

Or you can do what Nikos says… Much ess of a headache. :sweat_smile:

I know because I had the same issue, got an A3 but had the A5 inside the box, someone had mixed the box lids at the shop. Lucky for me the guy who bought the box with the A3 is my dentist… :joy: :joy:


Maybe a little off topic, but I have always wanted to do an IDF “M48A5” circa YKW '73. This will be my first attempt at scratch building or a conversion any kit. I want to use the Takom M48A5 as a base and backdate from there. I would appreciate any help or ideas from the experts to help me do so. The research i have done so far would have me change/correct the following on the Takom kit:

Hull and suspension appear to be appropriate.
Scratch build a new air filters/air cleaner housing as an armor cover w/side access door.
Headlight guards and headlights can be either early round M48 type or later square type headlight guards.
Change to T-97 tracks.
Change to early fenders (similar to Tamiya M48A3) the first front fender support location being much more forward than the Takom M48A5 first fender support location.
No smoke grenade or storage boxes on turret.
TC 0.30cal on scissors mount for Urdan cupola.
No loaders gun
Two radio antenna (No sure of second antenna mount or location).
Left and right side ledge on back of turret for storage(?).
Change main gun to 105mm not sure which type (with or without ridges at ends of bore evacuator).
Not sure if the Takom M48A5 gunners sight is correct for 1973 timeframe.
Additional storage box at left hand side rear fender.

I would appreciate any help on this project correcting or adding to my research. I hope this post will be helpful to anyone else thinking of undertaking a similar project.

The vehicle you want to build is called a Magach 3. All Magach 3 tanks were upgrades to M48, M48A1 or M48A2 tanks. Since you want to use the Takom kit you will need to do more changes and not do some of the things you posted.

You need round headlight guards only, and early M48A3 front fenders.
You can use the Urdan from the kit but you need a scissor mount.
You have to remove the reiforcements at the rear engine doors and use rounded rear lights.

I would advise you against starting with the Takom kit, maybe wait for them to release the early M48A3 or they might even release a Magach 3 sooner than you think.

If you decide to go through with the Takom kit start a build thread and we can work from there.