Bad quality of yellow color

Hi All,

I am very starter in scalemodeling. I have very bad situation. Now make Revell FW 109 1/72, there is some YELLOW paint. When I painted the yellow color was very bad the quality. Sometimes striped sometimes samll bubles, but never hide the base color. The base color light blue. The yellow and light blue paint is Revel enamel color. 32115 and 32149.



Yellow is a tough color to paint. I personally think that it is something with yellow pigments. I don’t care if I’m using enamels or acrylics, or any particular brand. In pretty much every case, it’s usually translucent, and tends to show flaws easily.

So what to do? A light color undercoat. Flat White or yellow zinc chromate in my experience give a better base for yellow, as opposed to painting yellow directly over most other colors. Light thin coats of yellow built up over the base will give you a more vivid yellow final look.

Depending upon how flawed your yellow is, you will likely need to sand or strip it off, then try again.

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Dear Stikpusher,

Thanks very much. I will try with white flat color. I use now brush, must to use airbrus, or this is not important? With brush same to do? White then wait for 100% dry, then yellow?



Hello Tibor. Yes, let the flat white paint dry and cure. Don’t just let it dry to the touch. Then apply your yellow paint over the white. Use your best quality brush of the appropriate size. Not too big, not too small.

Even if you airbrush, the white undercoat helps with the final appearance of yellow.

Good luck!

If brush painting yellow, would using oil paints like Cadium Yellow with a little Japan dryer help with better coverage?

Oil paint would probably need a little thinning etc.

Oils seem to pack the most pigment compared to enamel & acrylic

Thanks for all!