BAE Bradley AMEV Photos

Photos from BAE Systems at AUSA 2020. These are the AMPV Ambulance versions fitted with Explosive Reactive Armor on the hull and sides.

I believe that there are two AMPV Ambulance variants…the top photo is the medical evacuation AMPV and the taller AMPV photo at the bottom is the medical treatment vehicle.


Why this want done back in the ‘80s is beyond me.
The 113 should have been retired back them.

The M113 wasn’t retired because they were still useful and super cheap by comparison. Still are to this day actually. That said, I look forward to seeing all these Bradley variants kitted in 1/35 styrene - very cool looking vehicles.

It seems possible to build on top of the lower hull and running gear of Meng’s M2A3 w/ BUSK III kit. Or maybe Meng will be the first to kit this vehicle in plastic.

They are death traps and should have been retired long ago.

The M113 replacement has been toted for years, if not decades with the Bradley as the sensible platform, but in the pecking order of things, the tank upgrades came first, and then there was a slew of canceled US Army programs such as FCS, 155mm Crusader SPH, Comanche stealth recon helicopter, OH-58 replacement, FMBT, Next-Generation Scout AFV, etc. And then there were the upgrades to the M1 Abrams, M2 Bradley, M109 SPH, and the Stryker, not to mention buying lots of MRAPs and M-ATVs in addition to JLTVs and resetting all the OEF and OIF vehicles such as the HMMWV.

So the AMPV program just got pushed around until it finally found some funding to hatch out of the shell.

The armor protection is drastically increased with the AMPV over the M113 and with ERA blocks, even more so.