BAE Systems M109A7 ERCA "Paladin" Prototype Photos

Photos from AUSA 2020. I think that it is an A7, but it could an A6. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

It’s a A7.


It is a standard M109A7, not the experimental ERCA (Extended Range Cannon Artillery), which has a much longer barrel w/out the bore evac.

That… that is a very John Holmes piece of equipment. Just sayin’.

Unofficially called the M109A8. I started an XM1299 last year. I’ve got enough good photos of it to give it a whirl. The rectangular housing at the base of the cannon is another giveaway. I found rather than try to build a box from styrene it was easier to cast a large resin block and then sand to shape and drill a hole on the front.
To achieve the proper caliber barrel, I will take the metal one from the PzH 2000 and replace it with the plastic one. I’ve never been 100% happy with the metal one on the PzH 2000 anyway as it’s too heavy and won’t stay where I want it. Reverting to the plastic one will be fine. Then I’ll chuck up the metal one in my lathe and profile it to conform to the XM12299 profile.

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The ERCA makes sense and should extend the range of the 155mm shells to compete with the peer nation SPHs out there.