BananaTank 1/35 Tank Model Series (SLA 3D Printing) -18


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[Banana Tank]1/35/32 Japanese Type 4 Chi-To production type medium tank resin model

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[Banana Tank]1/35 Swedish Strv122B+ main battle tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian Object 279M heavy tank resin model

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[Banana Tank]1/35 Slovakia T-72M2 Modern Main Battle Tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 E79 Custom heavy tank resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35/32/30 Russian T-34/85E medium tank resin model

Interesting. And does anybody have experience with BananaTank?


I agree - Interesting, and what’s Banana Tank like?

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I purchased his HSTV-L and T54E2 turret kits. I’m happy with both kits. The print quality is good, and the shipping cost/time from China is very reasonable for the price.

FYI, these kits are likely from 3d models from the World of Tanks and War Thunder computer games.

Felix, thank you for the information.
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