BananaTank 1/35 Tank Model Series (SLA 3D Printing) -2

Purchase Address:

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Non-sale models on Amazon need to contact pre-order, a week or so on the shelves.

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i just treid to buy a few kits but the website says i cannot signup or log in ( im in the usa) , please explain what I have to do to purchase.

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@ john_harachis
Hello, U.S. customers can only buy on Amazon, or find a proxy to help you buy on Taobao.
You can tell us what model you need to buy and we will put it on Amazon within a week.

I saw the Amazon link but they want more than 2x the price that you are asking on your website, you have many kits I would like to build and I think your subjects would be very successful but the Amazon pricing and difficulty to purchase will scare people ( USA /Europe buyers) away.
I will look at your offerings and compile a list with regards to the kits I want.

Thank you very much for your suggestion! Pricing is affected by the region and currency, shipping, we also hope to serve the buyers in Europe and the United States at a favorable price ~ :sob:
You can consider how to buy more cost-effective Oh ~

[Banana Tank]1/35 British FV438 Swingfire Tank Destroyer resin model

[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian Object 640 Black Eagle main battle tank turret,for Trupeter T-80U

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You have a lot of really excellent kits that I am interested in buying. Too bad there is no way for anyone in the US or Europe to buy them. You are sitting on a gold mine here but your retail sales for the western world are impossible. I am not going to pay $90 for a $42 kit because it’s on Amazon. The Amazon sales method is vague also. You should consider direct sales.

I feel very sorry that I cannot serve you.
Perhaps you can try to find a reseller to help you buy on Taobao. :smiling_face:

[Banana Tank]1/35 US T95(Not T28) tank destroyer resin model including two guns

[Banana Tank]1/35 Italian PM35/46 medium tank resin model

i am interested in the 1/35 hstv-l kit and the obiekt 195 , if you want to put those on amazon, just let me know and i will buy them.


Thank you for your reply.
The 195 Project Main Battle Tank is now on Amazon and we will have the hstv-I on the shelves in about a week.
You will be able to purchase them together at that time. :blush:

i will do so,i couldnt find the black eagle turret on the site.
i am interested in the following at a later date:

  1. the sprut
  2. the usa t-92 tank ( if you ever produce it)
  3. the side armor only for the bmp-3 57mm turret kit

i speak for myself when i say i have a deep interested in 1970/80/90 soviet/russian/ukraine prototypes
( buntar, ob 477, etc.)
as well as same era usa prototypes ( hstv tank) .
and if you ever do sci fi I have waited a lifetime for the octo tank fom venus wars anime!
best of luck I will contact you as soon as I see the kits on amazon and purchase them .

We will have the HSTV and Octopus SDM-1 (sprut) on Amazon within a week, but the Blackhawk turret and 2S38 side armor we don’t think are suitable for Amazon at this time.
If you buy the whole vehicle and other vehicle parts at the same time, we recommend you to look for Taobao’s substitute.
And you mentioned the T92, obj.477, octopus, unfortunately we currently do not have plans. :smiley:

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[Banana Tank]1/35 US T28(Not T95) tank destroyer resin model including two guns

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[Banana Tank]1/35 Turret for Russian Object 195 main battle tank,for Trumpeter T-14 Armata

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[Banana Tank]1/35 Russian T-22SR main battle tank resin model

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[Banana Tank]1/35/30 Chinese ZTQ-15 light tank resin model