Bandai 1:12 K-2S0 Build Log

Next up on my bench is the Bandai K-2S0 model. I got this as a gift about a year ago, and I’m finally getting around to building it for the Sci-Fi and What if VII Campaign.

Overall, the kit is excellent, and looks like it should fit together really well. Based on some other videos I saw online, there are some minor seam lines that need cleaning up, so my plan is to build, prime, and paint this one, rather than leaving it in the bare plastic, though you certainly could do that if you want.

Here’s the initial shot of the sprues on the bench, more to come in the near future!


One of my favorite characters from that space opera. I’ll be checking in during progress

Progress on this build is quick, like many Bandai kits. Just a few tiny seams between the front and back that I am filling.

I’m leaving the subassemblies apart to make painting easier before final assembly.


Final assembly is complete. I’ve left him in parts for easier painting.

The elbows and knees came with clear joint pieces, which will make the kit more posable, but I decided to leave them out, since in the movie these joints were actually hollow. Likely, I will need to glue the arms and legs into a final pose, but it’s a solution I’m willing to accept.

Next step is a primer coat and on to painting.


are you planning to light the kit using LED’s?

No, I decided not to. Didn’t really seem worth it just to get a little bit of light in the eyes.

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Been busy with other projects and general life, but I haven’t forgotten about this project.

I got the pieces primed over the weekend. This exposed some seams and gaps (most noticeably on the thighs), so I need to work on filling those and another coat of primer before I begin painting him.

It’s going to be a little tricky to fill those gaps while keeping the panel lines, but it should be doable


good to see you are continuing with this kit, keep us updated on your progress.

Looks like really sharp detail

I haven’t forgotten about this build, but I just haven’t had the time to tackle it in the past month or so.

I was able to get moving on it again today. The main torso is largely complete, and moving on to the limbs.

I’m not super happy with the paint on some of the limbs, it has an odd, almost water stained appearance in some places. I may need to try and touch it up with a second coat.

But I hope to have it done sooner rather than later.


I think it’s gonna look great when all assembled Johnny :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll need to get some better pictures under better lighting conditions, but this is largely done.

I’m undecided how much (if any) weathering I’m going to add. Prolly just some very light scratches in a few places.


you’ve done a fantastic job on that kit, well done mate.

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Here’s some nicer pictures in better lighting of the final build


Very nice finish on my favorite droid of the entire series so-far.

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I really like your build Johnny :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for sharing :cowboy_hat_face:

Wow . That came out really nice

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Just a quick and final update on this model.

I brought it to the Central PA IPMS show a few weeks back, and it ended up winning the Best in Category for Sci-Fi

Thanks for all the comments and tips as I built it.


Well deserved Sir, congratz.

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