Bandai 1/350 Millennium Falcon

So, I got this Bandai 1/350 Falcon to use as a comparison model for my 1/350 TOS Enterprise and Klingon battlecruiser kits. I figured a 1/350 Star Destroyer was still too big for that purpose.

I originally just popped it together and left it sitting in the cabinet for a month, then got her back out last weekend to put a little color on it. I snuck a bit of CYA in spots to keep it tight, and then coated the whole thing in Tamiya XF white. I then picked out individual panels in Vallejo Model Color Middlestone and Mahogany Brown, as well as some Ceramcoat Rain Grey craft paint. Over all that I applied Future. Once dry, I gave it a wash of Tamiya black panel liner and that was it. I am considering adding more dirt behind the upper hull exhaust ports and some streaking here and there but I am not going to replicate the damage shown on the studio model; I just wanted it to look decent enough to sit beside the Trek ships but not draw away from them. Plus, that extra effort will go into my PG Falcon later on.


Very nice build and painting/weathering!

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I’m liking the clean lines, you’ve done a great job with that kit.

That looks great! Any pictures of it with the Enterprise? I agree, a 1/350 Star Destroyer would be HUGE!



yep I agree with the other comments let’s see some pictures of your other work!

I can give you a size comparison, but I have not built either Trek ship yet. I was about to start the Klingon ship earlier this summer but I was missing a major part and just got the replacement a couple of weeks ago and now my summer is over and I have to start teaching again. But that won’t stop my work; just slow it. Here is the Falcon compared to the main pieces of the battlecruiser so that should give you some idea.

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