Bandai AT-ST 1/48th Caunter + Tamiya 1/48th Matilda, Finished!

Looks great! :+1:

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They look awesome so far !

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Chipping looks nice… A very gentle and subtle touch … Looks great. And I really do like the ATST in that scheme…

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Thanks fellas!

A quick update before the weekend. Finished chipping on the Matilda. Also decided add the camo to the chin gun, actually makes quite a difference in person, on the walker and finished chipping on the head.

Currently contemplating decal placement on the walker… I’m really enjoying this daft wee project!


Another small update. All the chipping done, for now. Some post shading and staining with a very dilute mix of Tamiya flat brown with a tiny bit of black. Probably should have done this after the decals…

I painted a couple of the pipes on the walker with the Vallejo German camo black brown, which can be seen on the headless pic. Think I will paint the rest of the pipes the same way, along with the neck joint rubber thingy, they should tone in nicely when dusted up a bit.

Beginning to look more lived in;


Both looking very sharp Jim. The cam really suits both vehicles. Good choice :+1:

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Thanks John, it’s nice to be working on something unique, I don’t think anybody else has applied this scheme to an at-st, at least I can’t find anything online.

I have applied the gloss and the decals. The Matilda is as the instructions call out for “Phantom”. The walker has the other set of decals from the Matilda kit from the tank “Defiance”. As you can see from the kit instructions I’ve tried to stay true to the essence of the scheme on the walker, I think it works?

So I’ll let the decals set then seal them in with some more gloss and blend them with some chipping and shading then onto washes…

And here they are, all bright and shiny!


Outstanding job Jim. That’s looks perfect from every angle. I really love that ATST… It’s very unique indeed… Cam looks superb on it :+1::+1:

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Great work Jim. I have been following along as I am going to paint my AT-AT in Caunter too. Just to round out the group between us!

Glad to see you did not paint the blue that Tamiya used in their box top and is so often, incorrectly done!

Another of the things Tamiya still got wrong in their Matilda instructions is how the Caunter was applied. It was not as symmetric as they depict. You have represented it much closer than they did. I love it.

Official document showing correct application to a tank:

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Great work! With the name Phantom on the Matilda, shouldn’t the AT-ST be named Menace? LOL


or Ghost, ala the two ships from ‘Rebels’…

… as long as it is not named ‘Jar Jar’


Thanks Dave @Dixon66 and Peter @petbat. I hadn’t even noticed the reference with the name, anything after the original trilogy doesn’t tend to register quite the same with me!

That’s the pin wash, chipping over decals and the flat coat on. Nearly there. Have the walkers ham string to fix and the cable on the Matilda to finish off, along with the exhaust. Then some light dusting with airbrush and maybe some pigments or dust wash type things. Will leave the matt to dry for a few days now.

For reference the wash was AK 121 wash for oif and oef mostly, with some AK 300 wash for dark yellow. And the matt is Windsor and Newton Galeria acrylic.

The current state of play, sorry, lots of pics!


Fantastic job Jim. It was a very clever idea doing the dual build and then the same cam scheme. It has come out looking tremendous. And nice save on the ham string. There were a few parts on that were a bit delicate.
Since you steered me onto that AK 121 it’s my go to wash now. It really is a jack of all trades.

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Cheers John!

Ok I’m calling time on these. Used some AK dirt and dust deposits 4062 on the tracks, and dusted up the finish with some deck tan through the airbrush, although I think I preferred it before. If I ever place them on a wee diorama I’ll add some pigments etc to match the groundwork, but as of now I’m fairly satisfied.

Oh, and I managed to snap the face piece in two when removing it to get to the masking on the “eyes”. Hence the long scar on the right cheek covered with chipping, another reason I need to stop now before any more disasters!

Thanks for following along,

Final pics;


Jim those are two epic pieces. Honestly that “scar” actually sets the face off quite nicely.

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Fantastic job Jim. You have done both to a great finish. I think the chipping looks just right on both and gives a sense of use. :+1:

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Thanks Don @Canmedic and John @Johnnych01. It has been a pleasure to share a project that’s given me so much.

If I was to start again I would maybe change round the two finishes, with the larger red and white decals on the Walker, and make the walkers front camo profile more asymmetric. And I wouldn’t break the face in half!

Thanks again, Jim.