Bandai AT-ST 1/48th Caunter + Tamiya 1/48th Matilda, Finished!

Hi all, I decided to start a thread here under the overall Star Wars Alternative Camo campaign umbrella.

So after opening the box and shaking it a little bit I ended up with one leg and the body built. I am very happy with the quality of this little kit, fit and detail are excellent. I decided on the Caunter scheme after seeing that man Andy Moore’s illustration in the recruitment thread. I have also ordered a 1/48th Tamiya Matilda, so I may build and paint these in tandem. I guess they are both pieces of imperial armour…


Another couple of sessions and we have a fully formed Walker. I painted the interior an off white colour and picked out some details but didn’t worry too much about it as it can’t really be seen.

There are parts for closed hatch and “eyes”, I’ll probably close the top hatch but leave the eyes open. The kit has plenty of movement making it fairly easy to change the pose. I think I’ll break it into sub assemblies for painting and permanently fix the pose when finished. I call this one “Who threw that rock!”

Cheers, J.


Looks great Jim.

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Thanks Ryan @Tank_1812 , it’s a great wee kit. Talking about wee kits, the Matilda arrived this afternoon, and the Walker is going to dwarf it!


Just had a crazy thought of mixing those two kits, chicken legs and Matilda hull and turret. Rommel would know what hit him. :joy:


I really liked that Walker Jim, it goes together so easy. I did just reinforce the snap together bits with some AK thin just as a back up. Would happily get another as they are fun. Looking forward to seeing the cam scheme on it. :+1:

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Yeah John, I already have another AT-ST, need to take advantage while they are still being made. I will follow your lead and glue some parts before painting, but I built the whole thing up without glue and it holds together rather well, a superb piece of engineering.

I’m in the middle of a quick build of the Matilda, goes together real easy, just the turret details to add. I’m thinking of doing the Matilda in the Imperial grey the Walker would normally be, mostly because I really don’t want to do Caunter on something so bloomin’ small! I like the idea of an exchange of schemes across realities. Or maybe an x-wing inspired scheme, light grey with red and yellow stripes and blast marks… Ha!

A pic for scale reference;


Don’t worry it’s just primer! Mr surface 1500 grey so the finish on the Matilda and the Walker will be more homogeneous. Planning on doing both in Caunter.

The tracks are primed with mr mahogany surfacer 1000, will be interesting to see how they look after a few other processes.

Can see some mould lines still need sorting on the commander.

Won’t be priming the AT-ST so next job is a pre-shade with some brown and a coat of Portland Stone…


Been away from home for a wee while, digging at the first licensed whisky distillery site!

Anyway, had some time so got these two out of their dust free box and got the base coat down. Preshaded with Tamiya red brown, and then AK Portland stone. I think the colour is light enough but may do some highlights with some white added.

Next update will be the silver grey, got some thinking to do on the AT-ST scheme…


NIce painting Jim. I like that Portland stone … thats a nice sandy tone… maybe another visit to AMS is in order lol … I just ordered 2 of the AK puddle bottles which are due soon … more orders now for that caunter scheme set …

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Very interesting! I will be following along.

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Thanks John @Johnnych01 and Rory @McRunty

I’m liking all the colours in the AK Caunter set so far John, but that Portland stone is going to be most useful in the future. I’ve no idea as to accuracy but they are pleasing to me. I’ve put on the silver grey and the slate on the Matilda now. I tried highlighting the silver grey with some of the Portland stone but it’s very subtle. The slate is as it comes, may need to do some highlights on it but thinking I’ll use oil paints to fade the finish. Now I have the Matilda scheme in front of me in 3 dimensions I can start figuring out the walkers scheme.

Here’s the raw finish before the fun begins!

And the commander has had some shading done with red brown from below and highlights with Portland stone from above.


Very nice Jim. There is a nice contrast between those colours, and you’ve done yet another great job with the painting :+1:

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Thanks John @Johnnych01, it’s nice to blast through a paint job and not worry too much as it’s all just a bit of fun.

Saying that after spending far too much time masking and painting the Walker, here it is. I lightened the slate with some of the silver grey for highlights. Some touching up to do, especially where the Portland stone is a bit thin in some places. Going to have some fun with weathering these, chipping is going to occur, and I have a spare set of decals from the Matilda for the Walker.

And the daftness continues…


That is wicked! :100:

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Well done Jim. They look very good together like that. It’s very good masking on both and the ATST scheme suits it well…:+1:

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Jim those are looking stellar (get it, because stars :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: god I shouldn’t be left unsupervised).

If you happen to find any long abandoned bottles while you’re digging about in the muck they were obviously placed there for safe keeping by my antecedents and I’d appreciate their safe return.


Looks great! Both the Matilda and AT-ST! :slightly_smiling_face:

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These really are very good - and the idea quite clever!


Many thanks to all for the comments and encouragement.

Have started on the chipping, Vallejo German camo black brown and a light mix of white and desert yellow for highlights. Using sponge and brush. I’m happier with some areas than others but this is all very useful practice.

I’ll finish chipping, gloss coat and decals, then onto washes and some post shading using the airbrush.

Thanks for looking in.