Bandai Blockade Runner

Hi Mates,

I just started the Bandai CR-90 Corellian Corvette Tantive IV “Blockade Runner” 1/1000 scale,nice little gem :gem:

Very easy to build with classic Bandai perfect fit,I still always glue them together,helps keep the seams nice and clean,I fix couple of very small little spot with perfect plastic putty.

The only problem with the kit it’s the missing barrels on the 4 blasters on the upper sides,but I can understand would be difficult make them in scale with styrene,I decided to make them with guitar :guitar: string…yep…I try soooo many times but the results wasn’t that good…I try to paint with the base colour to see how it look….orribile lump of glue,then I step on a bunch of very detailed pictures of the real one and decide to build the gun completely from scratch because it’s easier and the original Bandai are not very accurate.

Here it’s were i and now ,file the gun down end looking for the right greeblie

If you need some good pictures of the main original model you can find them here


Made the new 4 cannons,added 4 disc of very thin styrene and on that I find 4 greeblie who’s looked more like the originals ones,the parts are from the WWII English bayonet holder in 1/35,then drill some 0.3 holes for the barrels,the barrels are made of guitars string cut to size and glued with little bit of CA

Pretty happy with the results except one where I made i little mistake when I was filing down the piece and if you look very close you can see it’s little bit sideways but I have only 4 bayonet holder’s and I can’t do another one :roll_eyes:


excellent work and a good recovery of that part using your spares box and a bit of imagination.

looking forward to seeing more progress soon.

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Thank you! … in this scale it was a bit of a challenge but I am quite satisfied with the result, I went through the spare box and all the kits in my stash and finally seeing the bayonet I got the flash of inspiration… :bulb:

Now I have given back the Base color which is a mix of white, insigna white, ghost gray and medium gray, the next step is the red stripe because the stickers are too toyish.

I used after market decals that I bought on eBay to cover the red areas.


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I want to give it a go with the brushes but if it’s beyond my abilities it’s good to know … maybe you have the seller’s link?

here you go, got this after a quick Google search

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Thanks… :+1:…They looks very nice!

@Vicious he does different colours as well.

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