Bandai First Order TIE Fighter

I’ve been working away on this in my spare time, and finally have some time to post my progress. Between my work and home schedule I mainly stick parts together during the week and try to scratch out a couple hours to paint subassemblies and stuff on the weekends.

The cockpit parts painted, washed, and drybrushed.

The pilot and instrument panels. The pilot was painted flat black, the armor pieces of is uniform were brushed with clear gloss, while the fabric areas were drybrushed with dark grey. The details were painted with medium grey, silver and clear red and blue. The instrument panels were painted white, washed, and drybrushed as well and the decals applied. After they set, the decals were coated with clear blue, orange, yellow or green.

The completed cockpit tub.

The completed cockpit assembly. Very little of all the decals and detail work will be visible on the finished model.


this is a kit I have but not yet built so I will follow your build and see how you get on as I have not seen many of these built before.

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I finished this one up, came out ok, mostly happy with it. I used a couple shades of black on the body but the wings mostly obscure the effect. Also used Tamils Clear Red to tint the nose and hatch windows. The highlights on the base might seem rather “bright” but I wanted to offset the expanse of black on the


Looks real good!

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@ErnieS I’m loving the red tinted glass sections, did you use acrylic paints for that or their spray cans?

I had an issue using the spray can stuff that fogged up the glass and ruined it.

also did yo dip the clear parts in window/floor polish to make them shine more?

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@Klaus-Adler I airbrushed on the X27 clear red to the inside of the glass areas until I got the desired opacity / depth of color. I wiped down the window first to ensure there was no dust etc. on it before spraying the red, and that was pretty much it. I did not dip them or anything like that, they are very clear and nicely molded right from the kit.